Shiobara Taiko workshop info:
Friday evening 15/9 is suitable for beginners and the evening costs 600 SEK.
Saturday16/9 and Sunday 17/9 is a continuation and costs 1200 SEK each day.
The workshop venue is at our studio in Southern Stockholm.
During the weekend there will be an opportunity to learn basic bambu flute
"takebue" This is included in the workshop fee.

Click here to contact us for booking and enquiries.

Taikoworkshop information:
Fredag kväll 15/9 18:00- 21:00 är lämplig för nybörjare och kvällen kostar 600kr.
Lördag och söndag blir en fortsättning och kostar 1200kr/dag. 10:00- 16:30.
Kursen hölls i Martinskolans musiksal.
Adress: Munstycksvägen 18, 12357 Farsta, Stockholm.
Under helgen finns det även möjlighet att prova grundteknik till japanska bambuflöjt "takébué". Det ingår i priset.

Varmt välkommen och klicka här om du vill komma i kontakt med oss för information eller för att boka din plats

We learn to play high quality Keyaki and Meari taiko drums from Japan och learn mostly traditional taiko works from different regions of Japan. Taiko means large drum in Japanese and this simple instrument has a profound range of expression. Rolling thunder and soft raindrops, roaring waves and galloping horses spring to mind.
Taiko drums are played traditionally in Japan in many different ways, usually in conjunction with local shinto festivals. 
Nowadays there are international Taiko groups that perform with modern taiko pieces globally and there are taiko groups in many different countries.
Taiko music is played in an intensive, meditative and sensitive way. Sound vibrations, energy and physical movement open channels of energy that are stimulating for mind and body.

Sweden Taiko proudly arranges workshops with professional taiko players from Japan.

15-16-17 September 2017 Ryo Shiobara teaches a weekend taiko master class in Stockholm

 Beginners Taiko -  basic skills  Start: Sun 24 september  15.20-16.50    
10 sessions: 2000 crowns 
Info. och registration here 

Continuation - Sunday afternoon Taiko!
We have regular training on sundays 17:00-19:30 
In order to join, some experience is essential.
Start 27 august! Klippkort 5 ggr 750: